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Around the Farm

The Garden

We grow an abundance of produce in our nearly 3,000 sqft garden and several raised garden beds. We grow a variety of vegetables without the use of fertilizers, herbicides or pesticides. We use no-till systems to increase our soil health. We follow organic practices, however due to cost and our scale, we are not certified organic.


Raised Bed Garden

We have a large area with several raised beds where we grow many root vegetables, fruits, and several over-wintered produce. Something is always growing here.  

Rotational Grazing

On our farm, we have several mobile 'chicken tractors' that we use to rotationally graze broiler chickens which makes them safe from predators, inclement weather, and they are moved to fresh grass daily. We also use temporary, moveable net fencing for our flocks to access fresh grass where they get a percentage of their forage from the land.    

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