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Quail eggs are a great addition to your diet. Quail eggs contain large amounts of ovomucoid protein - a protein that acts as a natural anti-allergenic.  Quail eggs also contain large amounts of vitamin C and A which can help neutralize free randicals and protect your health. Some other benefits include increased energy, boost metabolism, improve vision, improve bone strength, beneficial to the respiratory system, help maintain sugar levels in the blood, and help to speed up recovery. (source WebMD)


Quail eggs are great scrambled or fried and when hard boiled, make excellent pickled quail eggs (check out our Pickled Quail eggs on our products page).  We recommend quail eggs scissors for ease in cracking eggs to scramble/fry.  When baking with quail eggs, you follow a 3 quail eggs to 1 chicken egg ratio. 


Pets love quail eggs too.  Hard boiled or raw; your pets can get many of the same benefits as people by adding to their diet.

Quail Eggs (dozen)

  • Quail eggs are fresh unwashed/unrefrigerated in 1 dozen plastic carton. 

  • This product cannot be shipped. On farm pick up by appointment only.  Our farm address and pick up arrangments will be communicated within 24hours of order being placed. 

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